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Early Decision Communication Error: Vassar Apologizes

As many are already aware, on Friday, January 27, a programming error resulted in 76 early decision applicants accessing erroneous acceptance letters on an admissions website when they had, in fact, not been accepted to the college.

“We are terribly sorry about the confusion and disappointment the erroneous information posted online caused the students," said President Catharine Hill. “We understand how very upsetting this is for those students who viewed the inaccurate decisions that we posted online, and we are very sorry to have added to the overall stress of the college admissions process for these students and their families.”

The President and the Admissions Office have reached out personally to all the affected applicants to apologize and offer assistance in their college search process. The applicants will have their application fees refunded. “I can assure you that we have analyzed and revised our online notification system and have instituted additional measures to ensure that this will not happen again,” President Hill said in an email to the Vassar community.

Vassar offers two opportunities for early decision application during its annual admissions process. The applicants affected by the January 27th computer error had met a January 1st deadline. An initial group of early decision applicants met a November 15, 2011 deadline and were notified of their admission status the following month.

Regular decision applicants to Vassar College represent the vast majority seeking freshman enrollment. They also meet a January 1st application deadline, and are notified of their admissions status in late March.

Read President Hill's email in full.

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