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Student-Curated Show in the Palmer Gallery

In 'ôdē-ō,fīl (pronounced audiophile), 12 Vassar students present individual sound works that exemplify the versatility of artistic expression engendered by recent developments in digital technologies. Some of the artists approach the act of sound recording as an attempt to inscribe one’s phenomenological experience. Others experiment with sounds derived from nature, language, industry, and popular music to form unique sound works. Ultimately, the pieces in this show demonstrate a marked desire to explore the ways in which digital sound technologies enable artists to explore new ideas of perception and the construction of identity. The title of the show points to the critical role that sound plays in semiotics and the difficulty in reconciling a compulsion to make the unheard heard through visual or other means.

'ôdē-ō,fīl is curated by Joseph Redwood-Martinez ’11 with generous support from the Academic Enrichment Fund, the Vassar Student Association, the Vassar Public Art Committee, and the Office of Campus Activities. The exhibit will run from February 10 until February 23 in the Palmer Gallery in Main Building. For gallery hours please contact Campus Activities: 845.437.5370.

February 2009

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